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In English :
Our current research is centered in the study of the representations of French as Foreign Language (FFL) teachers about their practices in teaching writing. We appeal, for such, to quantitative and qualitative research methodology, asking for to the participation of all the teachers of FFL of the Algarve region, who teach in third Cycle of Basic Education and Secondary Education.
Data have been harvested through Questionnaires, sent to all the schools of those levels of education, and through Interviews to a small sample of the population. Data treatment included statistical analysis and content analysis.
In this study, we looked for to infer implications for the development of literacy abilities, referring to the written ability, and to contribute to the raise of critical reflection by teachers of French language concerning its writing teaching practices.

In French:
Notre recherche porte sur l’étude des représentations de professeurs de FLE au sujet de leurs pratiques d’enseignement de l’écrit par le biais d’une description et d’une caractérisation de leurs pratiques scolaires. Les procédures méthodologiques sont d’ordre quantitative (questionnaire) et qualitative (entretien) et les données recueillies sont analysées à travers des méthodes d’analyse statistique et de contenu.
Mots-clés : Didactique du FLE ; Didactique de l’écrit ; Représentations d’enseignants de langue ; Formation d’enseignant.


Dear colleagues, dear friends, dear net community

I just initiate my bloglife!
And I want initiate sharing with you ideas, resources, theories, practices on what I know best (I think): language teaching in the middle grade, high school and university.
I appreciate that you participate with the same contents or even with suggestions, comments, critics, etc. I waiting for it, and I hope that you too.
I know, that’s certainly nothing new in the net. I know, sometimes what you see here will not be modern, innovator, or else.
What I want is to share my perspectives, my researches, my foundlings… and yours too. I expected reactions, constructive critics. I will do it too.
You can write in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Of course I prefer (French, sorry) English because I know that all the new friends will understand.
And yes, I know, my English is not the best, but I’m sure you understand me.

I’m waiting for you now.
Best wishes for all the visitors.

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