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New papers published. If you are interested in them, you can contact me or theweb site of the EDYULEARN11 (

Collaborative writing using google docs

This study reports the first results of an ongoing research on collaborative writing conducted during the last academic year. The students were encouraged to write a text using Google Docs. The article explores the students´ attempt to write collaboratively, to correct the text and to regulate the collaborative work. Results show that, even though some students were somehow reluctant to correct others´ work, this collaborative task was a highly motivating activity. Moreover, these preliminary results demonstrate that students of this level, and within the limitations of this study, are more concerned with content rather than form. Keywords: Language teaching; Web 2.0 technologies; collaborative tools; collaborative writing; writing competences; Google Docs.

Do wikis enhance second language Learning

This article reports the preliminary results of a research which explores the role of Wikis in formal education. More specifically, it speculates how Wikis may enhance Second/Foreign Language Learning (L2). It does so by building on previous studies as well as on the answers and insights of a group of students who were part of this ongoing research. So far, the results suggest that those students who engaged in our Wiki, created for this study, showed better understanding of the material discussed and produced a much better essay than students from the control group who did not participate with any entry on the Wiki. Moreover, insights from the participating group show that they are very receptive for the use of Wikis in L2 and its usage generates higher learning motivation amongst participants. Overall findings and opinions show that students perceive the use of Wikis as a useful tool that facilitates collaborative learning and enhances acquisition of academic skills which may also prepare them for the job market demand. Keywords:   Wikis; L2 acquisition; Collaborative Learning; Collaborative and Constructivism  Paradigms; Interaction; Emergent paradigms.

Enjoy them. I know they can be usefull for your research.

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