The Generation That Doesn’t Remember Life Before Smartphones

This generation is the first for whom the freedom to express every impulse to the entire world is as easy as it used to be to open your mouth and talk to a friend. How does all that change the monotony and joy and pain and wonder and turmoil that is the average teenager’s life? What is it like?

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"Take the rules of Instagram. Wyatt just learned them today in the honors English class she teaches. "I was ribbing on this one boy a little bit. He was on Instagram and I asked him, ‘What the heck is Instagram?’ He said, ‘I was just liking pictures. I can’t be a ghost.’ I said, ‘What do you mean, a ghost?’""

And that’s true, for this generation, if they do not have a social network profile and if they do not check it everyday, it’s like if they do not exist.

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Digital Tribes – What’s Your Tribe?

The Perfect Assessment

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Top six Apps for creating word clouds

A post looking at different iOS Apps that can be used to make word clouds

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Simple guide to creating a eLearning storyboard

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Project-Based Learning Through a Maker’s Lens – Edutopia

« The rise of the Maker has been one of the most exciting educational trends of the past few years. A Maker is an individual who communicates, collaborates, tinkers, fixes, breaks, rebuilds, and constructs projects for the world around him or her. A Maker, re-cast into a classroom, has a name that we all love: a learner. A Maker, just like a true learner, values the process of making as much as the product. In the classroom, the act of Making is an avenue for a teacher to unlock the learning potential of her or his students in a way that represents many of the best practices of educational pedagogy. A Makerspace classroom has the potential to create life-long learners through exciting, real-world projects. »

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7 Myths and Facts About Online Learning Infographic

Now that the number of students taking at least one online course has surpassed 6.7 million it’s high time we dispel the myth and discover the truth about online learning. Via:


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